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Spring 2015 - SPB Men's Night 4.0/over

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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Points Blank
Scheduled 04/22/15 07:00pmBrumbackGoldstein-10/0Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Apr 22 07:00pmDardetMiller-28/12-01
Confirmed Apr 22 07:00pmMaJones-55/14-01
Confirmed Apr 23 07:00pmKoedelCarnahan-314/4-10
Confirmed Apr 29 07:00pmJonesKoedel-314/2-10
Confirmed Apr 29 07:00pmMillerGoldstein-514/5-10
Confirmed May 4 07:00pmGoldsteinCarnahan-50/14-01
Confirmed May 6 07:00pmDardetJones-38/14-01
Confirmed May 6 07:00pmMaMiller-414/8-10
Confirmed May 11 07:00pmBrumbackBerman-28/12-01
Confirmed May 12 07:00pmBermanDardet-414/6-10
Confirmed May 12 07:00pmJonesGoldstein-514/1-10
Confirmed May 13 07:00pmBermanMiller-112/8-10
Confirmed May 13 07:00pmKoedelMa-214/5-10
Confirmed May 13 07:00pmDardetBrumback-35/14-01
Confirmed May 19 07:00pmCarnahanBerman-28/12-01
Scheduled 05/20/15 07:00pmMillerJones-10/0Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed May 20 07:00pmGoldsteinKoedel-44/14-01
Scheduled 05/20/15 07:00pmMaBrumback-50/0Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled 05/27/15 07:00pmBermanGoldstein-10/0Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed May 27 07:00pmMillerCarnahan-214/5-10
Confirmed May 27 07:00pmBrumbackKoedel-33/14-01
Confirmed May 27 07:00pmDardetMa-58/12-01
Confirmed Jun 3 07:00pmGoldsteinMa-13/14-01
Confirmed Jun 3 07:00pmCarnahanDardet-412/8-10
Confirmed Jun 4 07:00pmKoedelMiller-214/7-10
Confirmed Jun 4 07:00pmJonesBerman-514/6-10
Scheduled 06/10/15 07:00pmBrumbackMiller-10/0Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jun 10 07:00pmKoedelDardet-214/8-10
Scheduled 06/10/15 07:00pmCarnahanJones-40/0Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jun 10 07:00pmMaBerman-58/12-01
Confirmed Jun 17 07:00pmJonesBrumback-214/4-10
Confirmed Jun 17 07:00pmMaCarnahan-414/5-10
Scheduled 06/17/15 07:00pmDardetGoldstein-50/0Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jun 22 07:00pmBermanKoedel-314/8-10
Confirmed Jun 26 07:00pmCarnahanBrumback-114/8-10
Total Matches: 7
Byes: 0

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